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This is your stop for medical interpreter training and team building. If you are looking for workshops with current information, engaging storytelling, group discussions, and interpreter practice woven throughout, you have come to the right place. Choose from one of the available webinars or request a new topic designed for your team. All workshops can be tailored to the time allotment you need.

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“Your presentation was one of the highlights of the conference! You presented a complex and emotionally-fraught topic with grace and compassion. You made a great point that any interpreter may find themselves interpreting for pregnancy or infant loss – whether working in person, on the phone, or video, in OBGYN, but also in an emergency room or an urgent care visit, whether it is somebody coming in for their obstetrical care or somebody who became a involved in a car accident but also happens to be pregnant. This means, it would be helpful for interpreters to be prepared – in terms of what terminology they might encounter (I know I made notes on what words to look up!) but also how to prepare emotionally. Thank you for such an amazing presentation!”

Yuliya Speroff, Medical Interpreter Supervisor at Harborview Medical Center

“This was one of the best sessions I attended. The subject matter was infant and pregnancy loss, presented by Marisa Rueda Will, CHI. Marisa’s presentation was full of great terminology, data, and real-life examples from the field and personal events. She is engaging with the audience, her session flowed great, and she even gave us a short activity so we could connect and chat with people sitting near each other. I’m looking forward to seeing what Marisa has for the future! And if you are in charge of trainings for your interpreter department, Marisa can help with that too! Reach out to her directly or through Tica Interpreter Training and Translations”

Jaime Russell, CHI-Spanish

“Thank you for this, Jaime. I echo everything you said about Marisa Rueda Will, CHI and her wonderful presentation which developed organically. 100% hit the mark, and I’ll surely be calling on her for some team trainings!”

Danilo Formolo, MBA, CDM, CoreCHI from Atrium Health

“Your presentation was amazing!”

Laura Onofre, Certified Healthcare Interpreter

“Thank you for this great session on a topic so dear to my heart. Working in the NICU has taught me so many things and your presentation will help me be a better professional.”

Verónica Cornel Escobar, Lead Interpreter and Translator from Stanford Children's Health

Inquire About a Workshop Today

Inquire About a Workshop Today