Hybrid (Asynchronous/Synchronous) 40 Hour Training Program

Group Pricing (Minimum of 9 Participants) – $700
Individual Pricing – $900

This 40 Hour group training course includes video presentations, interpreting practice, discussion board forums, group classes, networking opportunities, quizzes, and a final exam. Individual students will have one-on-one instruction sessions with the trainer. Materials will be adapted to perform interpreting practice exercises on an individual basis. Students must attend synchronous classes and achieve a score of at least 75% on all quizzes and tests to receive a certificate. The certificate can be used to apply to take the CCHI and NBCMI written certification exams.

*Please note the trainer will offer participants the trainer’s discount for textbooks. The cost of textbooks is not included in the price of training.

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Thank You To Cross-Cultural Communications

Thank You To Cross-Cultural Communications!


Marisa, my colleague and friend, is a very talented interpreter and trainer.
She’s very passionate about the function of the interpreter in the medical setting and other settings as well. I did the 40-hour training with her. As an interpreter myself with many years of experience, I can say: Marisa led the course with knowledge, experience, understanding, and by providing space to trainees to be who they are and to grow. I would recommend Marisa, and her company TICA, to help you develop your skills in the domain of interpreting.

Zeiad Sarah, Arabic Interpreter

“Marisa is a highly experienced trainer, interpreter and translator. Her way of delivering the training materials is astonishing. She has an excellent way of breaking down the contents into smaller parts that are easily understandable and applicable as well. She fosters great discussions and encourages teamwork in her courses.”

Abdiwahab Hassan, CoreCHI