Are you looking for training opportunities designed for medical interpreters?

You are a medical interpreter or language access manager who has searched for training opportunities, but many of the options you find seem generic. You want a training that will not only inform you about best interpreting practices but inspire you to incorporate them into your daily work.

Medical interpreting is founded on the principle of giving patients and providers their voice to allow them to make informed medical decisions.

Whether you are an aspiring, novice, or advanced medical interpreter or language access team leader, if you identify with the above statement, I have the educational opportunities you seek.

Medical interpreter training based on real-life patient experiences

Specialized training for you

As a Spanish-English certified healthcare interpreter with over 16 years of experience, I know from experience the challenges of interpreting for medical encounters and educating healthcare providers about your work.

The educational content I provide speaks to medical interpreters from the viewpoint of a professional who has been in your shoes.

Check out the webinars, workshops, and online courses I have developed for you and your medical interpreting team or go ahead and reach out to me.

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