¡Saludos! My name is Marisa Rueda Will.

I specialize in medical interpreting, SP<EN translation, and interpreter education. I am a U.S. born Latina who has 15 years of experience as a staff Spanish Certified Healthcare Interpreter and SP<EN translator at a major U.S. medical center. In 2017, I became a Licensed Interpreter Trainer. I have worked with interpreters from numerous language pairs and skill levels to provide 40 hour interpreter training, individualized skill training, certification prep courses, and continuing education credits.

If you are bilingual and want to become a community interpreter, I believe in you! Visit my education page for more information about training options and upcoming courses.

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My Credentials

My Credentials

B. A. Spanish – Luther College – 2006
Spanish Certified Healthcare Interpreter (CHI) – 2012
Spanish Medical Translator – 2014
Licensed 40 Hour Interpreter Trainer – 2017
Simulation Center Instructor – 2021

Tica Interpreter Training and Translations’ Mission

Tica Interpreter Training and Translations believes in working toward closing the healthcare inequality gap by training, educating, and empowering novice and advanced medical interpreters. The interpreter training program was designed with real life examples to adequately prepare interpreters before they even set foot in a hospital setting. Affordable training options are available in an online format easily adaptable to anyone’s schedule, with individualized and group options.

Promoting a healthy work-life balance for interpreters is at the core of all our programs. We also believe in serving patients and the community through translation services. We specialize in translating medical documents from Spanish to English, and also provide English to Spanish translations of documents for small businesses.

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